Who We Are



A comprehensive and balanced athletic program is an essential complement to the basic program of instruction. The athletic program is designed to provide opportunities for youth to further develop interests and talents.  Participation in athletics, while a privilege and not a right, provides many students with a lifetime basis for personal values, for work and leisure activities.  Every effort will be made to support the athletic program with the best facilities, equipment and most qualified staff available.  Insofar as possible. Knowledge and skills gained in classes will be applied and developed further through participation in the athletic program.  Coaches will also teach the specific skills necessary for improvement in athletics and provide guidance in the development of self-realization, good sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, ethical behavior, artistic sensitivity and an appreciation for the importance of practice.

The ultimate Goals of the athletic program are:
     1. To realize the value of participation without over-emphasizing the importance of winning or excelling; and,
2. To develop and improve positive citizenship traits among the program’s participants.

For over 100 years Rock Island High School athletic programs have been among the most successful in the state.  We take great pride in our successes and in our athletes.  The philosophy of our athletic department is that we enjoy winning and recognition as much as any school; however, winning is not our primary objective. We use athletics to encourage better academic performance.  We believe in "playing by the rules" and demand that our coaches and athletes adhere to, support, and exceed the rules and standards established by the Illinois High School Association, the National Federation of State High School Associations, the Western Big 6 Conference and the Rock Island High School Athletic Department.