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Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C is located in Will County. The district was founded in 1949 and includes portions of Joliet, Shorewood, Channahon, Crest Hill, and unincorporated Troy Township.

This Pre-K through Grade 8 school district currently consists of five elementary schools (grades Pre-K through 4th grade), one intermediate school (5th and 6th grades), and one middle school (7th and 8th grades).

Our rapidly growing district is very proud of its dedicated staff, enthusiastic students and their parents, and our many progressive programs. We invite you to use our district website to learn more about our district programs, schools, and successes.



Troy is a member of the Illinois Elementary Athletic Association (IESA) and the Des Plaines Valley Conference (DPVC).  We offer 15+ sports with over 30 levels to our 5th - 8th graders as well as numerour intramurals.  Our arts offerings include Band, Choir, Musical and a Play.  Additionally we offer 40+ clubs and activities for our students and this list grows annually.  We havce recently added eSports and a 24 station gaming lab.  If you are looking for something to do at Troy we have something for you.


Troy Township's first school was built in 1836 or 1837 on Cary Thornton's farm. It was a subscription school, which meant that the teacher collected whatever he or she could from parents who were willing to pay cash or contribute produce, to have their children attend school. For all practical purposes, there was no public education system at this time and no more than one third of the children in Illinois attended school. There was little progress in public education until 1855. At this time a new law was enacted that allowed the state to use its taxing power to support local schools. By 1860, the township had built 6 public schools. At this time, each school was considered to be its own district and was numbered chronologically according to the order built. Because the areas population was still growing, by 1872 ten schools had been built.

The schools were unofficially given names, although some schools may have had several names during their existence. The schools were often known by the name of the person who donated the land for the building or from the locality or surrounding geography.

Original District


New District Number


Unofficial School Name





Red Brick School





Rock Run School





Troy Center School





Sing School





Link School





Van Horne School





Kinney School





*Cronin School










Ingoldsby School

In 1901, the state legislature enacted a law requiring each county to renumber its school districts, so that no two schools in the county would have the same number. This changed our district numbers from 1-10 to 18-28.

These schools were of the ungraded, one-room variety, where one teacher would work with students from grades 1-8. They remained basically the same until the election of March 1949, when Troy Consolidated District 30-C was formed from districts 19, 21, 22, 25, and 26. The other districts had closed their doors over the years. When Troy Shorewood opened in January 1951, this put an end to the rural school system that had served our community for the previous 100 years.


Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C


1949 - Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C formed

1951 - Troy Shorewood Elementary School opens

1965 - Troy Craughwell Elementary School opens

1971 - Theresa Cronin Elementary School opens 

1975 - Theresa Cronin Elementary School becomes Troy Junior High School

1996 - Troy Heritage Trail School opens

2001 - Troy Middle School opens

2001 - Troy Junior High School becomes Troy Crossroads Elementary School

2006 - William B. Orenic Intermediate School opens

2007 - Troy Hofer Elementary School opens

2018 - Troy Crossroads Elementary School to be renamed Troy Cronin Elementary School