St. Charles High School Athletic Philosophy

When you are a part of an athletic team in District 303, you and your family are a part of your school’s athletic family. Coaches, players and parents are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior before, during, and after all athletic competitions. Qualities demonstrated include the following:  integrity, hard work, and honesty, reinforce a sound value structure and enhance an individual’s self-image.  By working together and supporting core values we will continue to be a first class schools and communities.

We encourage student participation in multiple sports and would like to involve as many students as possible. All team members, regardless of ability, will be afforded opportunities to develop their work ethic, commitment, athletic, and social skills. However, high school athletics is a competitive experience; therefore, not all who try-out will make the team, nor do all team members receive the same participation opportunities in contests. The participation level of individuals in competition is a staff decision.

Interscholastic sports in District 303 form part of a successful co-curricular program, and athletics are regarded as a vital part of a student’s total high school experience. The development of a student’s physical capacity complements and enhances the intellectual, emotional, and social development of every young man and woman.  Athletics in District 303 are an integral part of a nationally recognition school.  Each athletic department is dedicated to excellence.  Athletics’ are an extension of the classroom, complementing a student’s educational experience and enhancing our community’s future leaders.