To utilize school and sports to develop "WELL-ROUNDED" student-athletes and establish great pride in our Rams Community!


Relationshipsthe most important aspect of our athletic community is building and sustaining healthy relationships with ALL stakeholders.

Academics - "student is first in student-athlete"; let's eradicate failing grades.

Leadership & Community - "Everybody can be leader, because anyone can serve..." (Dr. MLK, Jr.); athletes will be developed as leaders in some manner through a well-rounded experience, including embracing diversity. Families can contribute by joining our Athletic Booster Club and serving as parent-reps.

Athletics - develop athletes with essential fundamentals and game-strategy (critical thinking) skills that improve their overall performance; embrace the TEAM...Teammate...self mantra, and always put forth the best effort possible.

The Glenbard East Athletic Department is committed to the idea that the athletic program is an integral part of the total school curriculum and plays an important role in the development of young women and men, including good physical health, good mental well-being, good sportsmanship and good values of competition and cooperation. Long after graduation, the results of individual contests may be forgotten, but the concepts of commitment, sportsmanship and integrity will last forever.

Participation is an earned privilege, not a right.  Students earn a position on an athletic team as a result of physical ability, effort, team work and willingness to comply with all school and athletic regulations. The athletic department encourages athletes to participate in more than one sport.  Athletic participation helps students learn how to compete, contribute to the success of a team, and to overcome struggles to achieve a common goal.