Andrew Athletics Mission Statement

The Andrew Athletic Family is driven to enhance our student-athletes confidence, self-esteem, and feeling of contribution within each member.  The program is committed to helping every member of the program feel important and unified in purpose.  The program will progress with love and respect, building young men and women of character, demonstrating class and humility, bolstering an atmosphere of hard work and discipline that permeates throughout our athletic family.  We will create an environment conducive to making positive life choices, one in which all can be an influential part.

Andrew Athletic Program Philosophy


Our program philosophy promotes the fundamental belief in the remarkable opportunities provided to our young people through involvement in high school athletics. This philosophy is based upon principles of cooperation, hard work, and a dedication to the development of the student-athlete both on and off the athletic field. We will strive together, both athletes and the coaching staffs, on behalf of continued commitment to excellence and achievement.


Our programs will be evaluated upon the enriching experience it provides to all.  My success as a coach will be measured by the educated people of character who become principle centered leaders, caring family members and servants of our community.  It will be these lessons that will translate into success on the field.  The confidence to look each other in the eye, shake each other’s hands, and put in effort each day in preparation will lead to unforgettable teams and successful seasons.