Mission:  Woodstock High School’s mission is to create rigorous and relevant educational experiences so learners become purposeful and engaged members of our diverse society.


Vision: The vision of our school is to be better than we were yesterday; to strive for and expect excellence; to make our school a place where everyone learns without limits; to be the best our country has to offer; to be true Blue Streaks.


Blue Streak Expectations: 

  • Blue Streaks collaborate as a community of students, staff, parents, and alumni to achieve academic success and personal growth for all.
  • Blue Streaks uphold high standards of achievement and encourage each other to work to the best of their ability.
  • Blue Streaks embrace and appreciate diversity.
  • Blue Streaks are responsible and accountable for their actions and learning.
  • Blue Streaks value becoming productive, well-rounded citizens by making wise choices.
  • Blue Streaks provide a safe, inviting environment for learning and working.
  • Blue Streaks demonstrate positive attitudes, virtuous character, and strong ethics.
  • Blue Streaks support and encourage one another to be actively involved in extracurricular activities.