Who We Are

The athletic programs at Pinewood play an essential role in teaching our young men and women to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, strive for excellence, persevere through adversity, make sacrifices and compete with dignity and pride while developing a commitment to teamwork and representing our school and community.

Our athletic staff and coaches are committed to providing a challenging, supportive and caring environment where our student-athletes can reach their academic, athletic and personal potential.

We are here to build young men and women of character and to prepare them for the journey of life that lies ahead of them.

To build winning teams, we spend our time and energy on developing champions. Cultivate leadership, character, work ethic, grit, belief, and selflessness in every player. We help them grow into great leaders and people. We teach them how champions think and act. When we do this, we find that champions do the right things and make plays that ultimately lead to championships. Of course there’s no guarantee that we will win a championship even when we develop champions, but we will give our teams a greater chance and in the process create better people.

We believe this is the purpose of athletics. To create better people. When you develop champions you develop people who will change the world.