Who We Are

Beecher is a small community located aproximately forty miles directly south of Chicago.  Traditionally the schools have high expectations, excellent attendance and achievement.


The settlers first from New England arrived in Washington Township during the 1850's.  The settlers arrived in this prairie on the news of a land grant funded by the Illinois Central Railroad.  By 1857, most of the land was occupied by mainlt German immigrants.  T.L. Miller founded the village of Beecher in 1870; his plan was to begin breeding and raising Hereford cattle.  Miller was also responsible for the naming of the village in honor of the preacher, Henry Ward Beecher.  Railroad service to Chicago was completed in 1870, a depot was built, and thus Beecher's future was assured.


The residents of the community have always held education in the highest regard.  In the early 1900's, a referendum was held to build the first school building, which was dedicated in 1907.  Portions of this original building still stans at the site of the current elementary school.